The Role of Insights in Growing your Business

The art of finding a solution out of data and insights is a trait that very few individuals possess. Ideas and plan of action are formed when the is supporting information uncovered provides a highly probably chance of success. Armed with your business data, search & trends data, competitive research and 3rd party research, MAI Consulting can give you the competitive edge on being a leader in your industry. Not only can we help brainstorm the ideas, we can help build a plan and follow through on execution. Our full list of Services can be found here.

Customer Success Stories

Environmental Graphics Group - Embracing Digital

Environmental Graphics Group has been in business for over 25 years. The business placed little emphasis on a digital presence. MAI Consulting did a full analysis of their site and online reputation and uncovered their site was spammed and punished by Google as  result. We've cleaned up their site, shared insights on how the web has evolved and so have their competitors. We're now in the process of redesigning it to be mobile responsive and working to regain their reputation on the search engines.

Market Research

Many business owners start a business because they enjoy and are good at what they are doing and believe they can earn a living from it. MAI Consulting helps you understand the current market demands, summarize current market conditions and share competitive insights. From that point we help you draft a plan to grow and expand.

Drafting Business Plans

For those starting their business, the dreaded question is usually "where is your business plan." Not only can we help you draft a business plan, we do the due diligence of researching market demand and current competition. In many cases this helps with the decision on where to open the business or even to open one at all.

Customizeable Dashboards

For those who like to read and understand the data themselves, we can build automated dashboards and teach you how to use. It can be as simple as aggregating your business data in user friendly excel sheets, or something more automated like DataStudio.

For Insights we offer hourly rates as well monthly packages to meet your needs Get a Quote now

"MAI Consulting is a great resource to us when helping us understand what's possible with technology these days. In addition we've been using them for years to coordinate our travel planning and extremely satisfied that every year our travels exceed expectations without breaking the bank"

~ Tom, Environmental Graphics Group Owner