Why is Analytics Important for My Business

Businesses have relied on data since the beginning of time. The internet has breathed new life to this field as data collection has been easier to collect and process. You probably hear the term "data driven world" many times, but the reality is there is a shortage of professionals out there who not only understand how to read data, but to draw stories, connect the dots and deliver recommendations based on the data that anyone can understand. Data collection is pointless if it's not used in your advantage. Partner with us and we can help you take action on that data! Our full list of Services can be found here.

Customer Success Stories

iComputek - Site Visitor Analysis

iComputek is a company that is digitally and technologically saavy, but when it comes to data , they don't have the time to look at it! Our team helped set them up on Google Analytics, Webmaster Console and AdWords. We linked all the data sources together to help them piece together questions like who are their competitors online, what customers search for when getting to their site, and what are the best practices to make their site more user friendly. 

Data Tracking Setup & Analysis

Chances are when you set up your site, you either didn't set up any tracking, or it was put in place but you've never used it. MAI Consulting can make sure your site is collecting data and provide business insights and recommendations from the data that has been collected. We complement the analysis with custom research to give you a better understanding of what you need to do to get ahead.

Business Analysis

No we're not financial analysts or accountants, but we can read and process your business data and help you understand cause and effect  of your marketing campaigns or find out which areas are unprofitable so you can trim to focus on more profitable areas. Tell us your business problem, we'll identify the root causes and help with a solution that will make a positive impact.

Cost Savings Analysis

There are times when the business isn't doing so well. The worst mistake a business can make is to cut the consumer short either from degrading the quality or providing less service to them. Let us dive into your data to find where the inefficiencies are. Perhaps you go with a different vendor, or perhaps it's because you've had one bad review that went viral. Count on us to be a second pair of eyes to resolve those issues to help you be profitable again!

Our Analysis service is offered on an hourly basis or as a monthly service Get a Quote

"We've never had time to focus on marketing for our business. MAI Consulting quickly created marketing campaigns that drove measurable customer traffic in our stores. "

~ Kevin, iComputek Owner