What does Marketing mean for a small business?

Marketing encompasses many elements from marketing research, promotional planning, execution and analysis of impact. It is the crucial ingredient for any business to grow and succeed. Yet for many small business owners, it's last on their priority list. Many are the company's CEO, CFO, HR, accountant, bookkeeper and business manager all in one. How can they possibly think about a marketing campaign? This is where MAI Consulting enters. Below we've listed several key elements necessary to market your business. You tell us what you need and we'll take care of the rest. Our full list of Services can be found here.

Customer Success Stories

Ru San's Kennesaw - Web Design

Ru San's Website was unexpectedly terminated due to a miscommunication with the old and new webmaster. With an incomplete backup process, we immediately got to work and in 2 business days, presented Ru San's with a fully functioning re-designed website that engaged more customers than the previous site.

Esthetic Dental Care - SEM

Esthetic Dental Care was paying a directory service thousands a month for low quality leads. Hearing our reputation, they reached out from California. MAI Consulting set up their AdWords campaign and in less than a month the owner called and thanked us for sending high quality leads and patients!

Trandentec - Online Management

Trandentec's owner focuses 100% on the business. So when the website and email went down, they contacted us to help resolve. Our complimentary consultation helped them recover their online identity and our team is working on training the employees how to manage their online assets.

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Web Design & Development

In order to grow faster in a digital world, businesses have to have a website. This is your resume that your potential employers (the customers) look over to determine if they want to "hire" you or not. Therefore not only is presentation key, so is the content. We can help take care of Web Design (asthetics & functionality), Development (coding), Content (the actual substance on the site). 

Search Engine Marketing

Search Ads for over a decade still reigns as the most effective way to gain new customers. Rather than wasting money on ads to those that aren't interested, SEM delivers relevant ads to those already looking for what you're providing. These users are in the market and more likely to convert. Our origins are from Google, our knowledge and experience far surpasses the majority of ad agencies in SEM.

Public Relations

Customers connect with businesses they feel care about the community and have the same values they do. We can help your business connect with local schools and organizations through sponsorships, contests and supply marketing materials to distribute. We have well built plans that help your business increase philanthropic work while simultaneously getting your name out there.

Social Marketing

The Digital Revolution helps businesses to connect with their customers more. Happy customers not only secures a higher customer lifetime value, these customers become your brand advocate. By establishing an online footprint in the major social networks and engaging with your customers, MAI Consulting can help create more brand value for your company.


While traditionally not thought of as marketing, Search Engine Optimization is crucial in getting your business name out there. If you're not buying search ads, how will anyone find you? Our focus is to get your business online, published in directories and ensuring your business is claimed in the authoritative sites.

Video and Display Advertising

Did you know you can place professional Video and Display ads on YouTube without having millions in your marketing budget? We can help you create targeted ads to reach your specific audience

"I see MAI Consulting as a business partner. They understand my business and are dedicated to making it grow. Within two months of working with them my business has grown 20% during a down time when competition was taking away business and I've had newer customers come find me"

~ Sang Ho, Ru San's Kennesaw Owner